Our Rules

  • Junior Karts – Drivers must be 7 years old to use the and at least 125cm tall
  • Senior Karts – Drivers must be 14 years old, at least 140cm tall & weigh less than 120kg
  • Drivers 15 & under will require a Junior Kart until a 32.5 qualifying time is attained
  • Double/Twin Kart – Driver must be 18 years and over, at least 140cm & weigh less than 120kg – Children must be a minimum height of 100cm and 4 years old to ride passenger *Combined weight must not exceed 180kg
  • Drivers must participate in the safety briefing prior to driving
  • Drivers must ensure long hair is contained within their helmet and/or appropriately restrained
  • Drivers must notify management prior to riding of any disability. Intellectual or physical, which may affect their ability to drive
  • Drivers must notify management prior to driving of any pre-existing health conditions, including any physical limitations or medical conditions including but not limited to neck weakness, back weakness, broken bones, heart conditions, nervous disorders, motion sickness, epilepsy or if pregnant
  • Drivers must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst driving
  • Drivers must wear enclosed footwear
  • Drivers are responsible for, and agree to pay for any damage to karts and equipment
  • As per the UKS waiver document, all events require a $200 bond to cover any unforseen damage to karts, equipment or function areas
  • All loose clothing such as scarves must be removed
  • Any driver driving dangerously will be removed from the race and a refund will not be issued
  • Patrons are not to bring glass containers or bottles to the premises
  • Patrons are not to bring pets to the premises
Indemnity Form
Alcohol Indemnity Form
Event T&C’s