Modernise your corporate team building

Living in a modern age, it’s time to start getting creative with your corporate team building activities. Trust falls and thought exercises no longer cut the mustard in today’s high-tech world, so forget the tired […]

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5 Team Building Horror Stories

Team building exercises can be a real chore. Boring and endless discussions about communication and exercises that seem to lead nowhere, and staff left thinking they’d rather be doing their actual work than wasting their […]

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Team bonding doesn’t have to suck

Most people will groan at the idea of another boring team bonding session with trust falls and silly pointless games meant to bring the team closer together. While team bonding is essential to the successful […]

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Ice-breaker games to get to know your guests

Hosting a party with a large guest list? Planning a dinner with friends who’s only common link is you?
Sometimes the events we hold are filled with strangers. Even if you know every person standing in […]

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What your team can learn from The Avengers (and other groups)

While the upcoming Captain America movie pits the superheroes against one another in a civil war- there’s no denying the Avengers make a great team.
In fact, there are many incredible teams to be found in […]

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Fun and effective team building games you can play in the office

It’s time to weigh up the pros and cons. Do you sacrifice a work day and potentially fall behind on tasks, or do you let your employee relationships suffer and stagnate?
Team-building events are often a […]

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3 things that should not be missing from your next team event

When putting together a team-building event, there are certain elements that must not be overlooked.

Generally, activities designed to bring people closer together (and to improve trust and communication) can include a lot of options. From […]

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How team building can go wrong (and how to avoid it happening to you)

If you announce plans to take your team out for bonding sessions, you may get a couple of eye rolls and grumbles from some team members.

This isn’t really surprising, as those who have taken part […]

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Should your company celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. Whether through gifts, shared time together or a few carefully chosen words, taking the time to remind each other that […]

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How to make 2016 your best year in business

It’s official, 2016 has started.

In fact, as we near the end of January, the year is well and truly under way. By this point, many people have started, and failed, their New Year resolutions, and […]

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