Hosting a party with a large guest list? Planning a dinner with friends who’s only common link is you?

Sometimes the events we hold are filled with strangers. Even if you know every person standing in the room, there could be plenty of unfamiliar faces and, let’s face it, awkwardness.

The act of getting to know one another in a party environment is usually pretty simple. Bring together two people, add alcohol and a little small talk, and watch sparks fly. However, coordinating a whole group of people to interact and ensure no one is left out can be difficult.

This is where party games can come to the rescue. By planning a few simple group activities, you can make sure that every individual has an equal chance of making new friends. Forget wallflowers and shy friends hovering quietly by the snack table. Chuck one of these fun ice-breaker games into the mix to get your entire guest list laughing and interacting.

  1. Partners in Crime

For this game, all you need is a pen, a scrap of paper for every guest and a little imagination. Come up with a list of famous couples, ie; Bonnie and Clyde, Antony and Cleopatra, Brad and Angelina.

Write one name on each slip of paper and mix them up in a bowl. Then get the guests to pick out one name each and keep their new identity secret.

The objective is to then track down their partner in crime by asking only “yes” and “no” questions. This game is great for getting people talking and encouraging guests to pair up with someone they might have otherwise not ever met.

  1. One sentence stories

If you have a chance to bring everyone together, it could be a good chance to play one sentence stories. In this activity, your goal is to tell a story as a group, one sentence at a time.

As host, you can start with something simple, like “Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl.” From there, the guests go around the circle, adding layer upon layer to the story. With the right bunch of people, these tales can become elaborate, hilarious and telling about the group’s personality.

  1. Do you have” – the pocket scavenger hunt

Before the party, work out a list of common items people may have in their pockets or bags. This list can then be distributed to guests when they arrive, with the objective of completing the treasure hunt.

Guests will be forced to interact as they work together to find every item on the list. From dollar coins and tissues, to a purple lighter or shopping list, the treasure you choose to hunt can be a great talking point.

  1. Match the moment

For a game that relies on learning people’s personalities and pasts, try Match the Moment. When guests arrive, get them to write down a treasured memory from their past or a recent moment that made them happy.

Then put all these moments together in a hat and call the group together. One by one, the guests should pick a moment from the hat and read it aloud. It is then up to the group to guess who that particular memory belongs to.

Hearing their reasoning behind choosing certain people will give a great insight into how the individuals are perceived, and this game demands that people get to know one another to truly ace the objective.

With these ice-breaker games at your disposal, getting guests talking should be a breeze at your next party or event.