Birthdays are hard. Not only does it start to dawn on you that you’re another year closer to your ultimate demise and you’ve not done a single noteworthy thing with your life, you’re also expected to spend a bunch of cash you don’t have to throw a big bash where everyone is meant to have a good time. Including you. No wonder birthdays are stressful! Here are some of the worst stress-inducing planning issues and some tips on how to avoid them.

Planning the entire event with limited time and budget

Working out catering, decorations, party favours, entertainment, themes and everything else involved with a party is a giant pain. On a day when you’re meant to be celebrating the time you were thrust into this world all those years ago, stressing over what colour balloons to get and how many paper plates to buy is the last thing you need. So, why not get someone else to do it? Book a wine tasting tour, an escape room afternoon or a go-karting party at Ultimate Karting Sydney- or whatever hobby you’re into. Your guests can pay for themselves, you don’t need to worry about the finer details, and all you have to do is rock up and party down!

Your friend’s annoying significant other

Getting the right balance of people at your party can be tricky. Too many work friends and everyone ends up talking about their annoying boss, too many party friends and it can turn upside down in a flash, too many relos and you’re stuck explaining to drunk Auntie June why you’re not married or popping out babies already. Worse still is the dreaded ‘Plus One’ on the invite. You may like your friend- but their choice in partner could leave a lot to be desired. Once they get a drink or two in them, you know it’ll be an absolute clusterpoop. To avoid this nightmare, try booking your party at a venue with limited space or a restaurant with limited seating. Invite the people you really want to be celebrating with, and if questions arise you can tell them it was a venue issue and you’d rather your event not be overcrowded.

Not a thing to wear

You know those moments when you open your wardrobe and see racks and racks of clothes but not a single thing to wear? Or when you start putting on some of those old outfits and you find they just don’t quite fit the way they used to, only reminding you that you’re getting older and your body isn’t what is once was? Finding the right thing to wear for your birthday party is just as important as anything else, and can be stressful if you haven’t planned ahead. One way to get around this frustrating moment is by employing the services of a personal stylist. They can be a bit on the pricey side, but they’re so worth it to take away the stress – plus it’s your birthday and you deserve some pampering! Services are available for men and women and can include personal shopping sessions, group sessions for you and your friends, or a full style makeover.