Living in a modern age, it’s time to start getting creative with your corporate team building activities. Trust falls and thought exercises no longer cut the mustard in today’s high-tech world, so forget the tired and old approaches, here try some modernised corporate team building ideas to help bridge the gap with the millennials on your team.

Modern scavenger hunt

These days, a scavenger hunt doesn’t need to be a piece of paper with weird and random items that teams collect around the office. With some basic tech knowledge, you can create a personalised scavenger hunt for your team that includes text messages, websites, email and custom QR codes. Scavenger hunts like these get your team collaborating, sharing knowledge and skills, as well as creative problem solving on the fly.


Combining modern technologies like a smartphone and GPS with the great outdoors, geocaching is a great way to get cross-generational teams working together towards a rewarding goal. Depending on the type of team you have, there are physically intensive treasure hunts involving cycling, kayaking, and rock climbing, or less intensive adventures to be give a go. Teams will learn the importance of teamwork and effective planning, creative thinking and problem solving, and builds a strong relationship within the group.

Online multiplayer games

Online multiplayer games are particularly useful when you have remote working teams, making those not in the office feel included within a fun, yet challenging, arena. Get the team bonding over games like Travian, or have a look through Steam’s collection of co-op and team-based games. Not only will your team build creative problem solving and collaboration skills, but they’ll also have a whole lot of fun in the meantime.

Make a film, music video or Vine video

A great way to get groups from diverse backgrounds and differing interests working together is by setting a challenge for smaller teams to create their own short film, music video or Vine video. For the more technically-minded, there are the technical aspects to plan for, like lighting, cameras and sound, for the creatives there are props and costumes to make, scripts to write and shots to direct, and for the performers there’s acting, singing, miming or dancing. You can even have a mini film festival at the end of the day for a celebration of the team’s achievements.