If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s how to throw a damn good party! Whether it’s an all-night rager when the parents are away, a toga party at a frat house, or a sexy masquerade dress-up party, cinema has shown us the many highs – and lows – of every kind of shindig. Here are some handy tips we can take away from five of the biggest, most memorable parties in cinema.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

No one throws a party like Jay Gatsby. And hell, if we had that kind of cash, we’d be going all out throwing lavish do’s like Gatsby too! However, few can afford that kind of luxury. While it might be tempting to plan your party to include the finest champagne, caviar, and bejewelled Parisian dancers, working out your budget ahead of time and sticking to it means you won’t be stressing out about the cost.

Dazed and Confused (1993)

In Dazed and Confused, when a massive party is planned at a student’s house whose parents are going away, things turn south before it even begins when the parents get whiff of something going on. The kids get creative and find alternatives, driving around, hanging outside the local pool hall, and finally setting up their kegger at the moonlight tower. Planning your party to be held at an appropriate venue is important, but having a backup plan if things don’t go exactly to plan means you’re not a nervous wreck should your venue fall through unexpectedly.

Block Party (2005)

When comedian Dave Chapelle put on a massive block party in Brooklyn, he invited some of the best talent around to join in the fun and games. You may not know Yeezy, John Legend or Mos Def (or even the Central State University marching band) personally, but you can get creative with your entertainment choices. You could hire a DJ for your do like every other party you’ve ever been to, or you could look for alternatives- like a quirky cover band who play songs in a particular style or featuring an unusual instrument. Think outside the box when considering your entertainment, but as always, keep your guests and the mood you’re aiming to set for your party in mind.

Project X (2012)

It might be tempting to invite literally everyone you know to your kickin’ bash, but much like the party in Project X, things can very easily, and very quickly, get out of control, particularly when you don’t know exact numbers. Putting out a Facebook invite to your friends is great, but limit it to those you know personally and actually want to attend. And if you’re making the invite a plus 1, check who your guest is bringing.

Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

Once you’ve got all the hard work over and done with, if the 90’s kids from Can’t Hardly Wait have taught us anything, it’s that it’s important to just be yourself. Enjoy your party with your friends and guests, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be something you’re not. Let the party unfold naturally, and just relax and go along for the ride!