Most people will groan at the idea of another boring team bonding session with trust falls and silly pointless games meant to bring the team closer together. While team bonding is essential to the successful running of any business, it really doesn’t have to suck.

Here are some much more exciting ideas for getting the team together and bonding that won’t have everyone groaning:

Escape rooms

Not only are escape rooms a lot of fun, but they also use the unique skills of everyone in the team to work toward a common goal – to escape! Your team must work together, communicate, be creative and find solutions to problems within a restricted timeframe and the confines of a room- so success relies on the team bonding.


Paintball isn’t just shooting paint pellets at your boss when they’re not looking – that’s just a perk. No, paintball requires teams to formulate a plan and execute it, working as a team to achieve a goal. In paintball, as in business, there are always competitors who wish to hinder your plan, so forward planning as well as thinking quickly on your feet and under pressure are essential.

Pub trivia

Pub trivia nights are everywhere, but they also prove to be a great way for teams to bond. Heading out to the local pub to combine everyone’s knowledge of pointless trivia is a great way for employees to get to know one another as well as building individual confidence and a way to work together. For a cheaper, more low-key but much more personalised option, trivia nights can be created in-house with questions based on the people and things around the office.


Performing under pressure and making smart quick decisions are key aspects to go-karting, making it a practical and oh-so-fun team bonding excursion. While riding around an indoor track instead of being stuck in the office is awesome, there are many ways in which go-karting can be adapted to further bring your team together. Playing go-karting games can be a great way to further get your team to bond, like team endurance races where strategising pit stops, driver changes, team efficiency, and time management are important, or trying a driver blindfold challenge where clear and effective communication is crucial.

Community service

Getting out of the office and helping the community is a fantastic way for the team to bond while doing something positive for those less fortunate. Many charities throughout Sydney offer a variety of community service challenges for businesses to get involved in. Depending on the make-up of your company, teams can help build bikes for needy kids, rejuvenate a home for a family who needs assistance, or haggle for the best prices for supplies at markets across the city and then use that produce to cook food for homeless. Not only will your team bond through the planning and execution of a group task, everyone will also find the experience particularly rewarding and worthwhile.

Scavenger hunt

Separated into smaller teams and working against the clock, groups set out to collect items from around the office, around the block, or across the city. There are several companies offering pre-made scavenger hunt experiences for corporate team bonding, but building your own personalised one is simple enough as well. Whether it’s gathering unusual items or getting teams take selfies with specific things, a scavenger hunt brings groups together with fun and often amusing consequences.